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ULTRA MIX Zn 12% EDTA Chelated

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Steady crop production is important for meeting agro products based requirements of masses. To support farmers in the same, we, Bhumi Agro Industries, stepped in the Agriculture Industry. We are a 2010 formed business unit, holding specialization of a decade of working as a quality-committed manufacturer and supplier of Water Soluble Fertilizers such as NPK-Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer, Ferti Mix NPK-12 Water Soluble Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer and Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer.

Best Selling Products

Water Soluble Fertilizer
Use of combi crop is healthy and more yield Use of combi to develop more and healthier branches Use of combi provides a balanced diet and nutrients to plants . Use of combi stops the flowers from falling right from the blessings . DOSE :- 50 gm in 100 ltr water and spray .
Ferti Mix Npk-12:61:00
12:61:00 : Mono Ammonium Phosphate ( Water Soluble Fertilizer ) Introduction : 12:61:00 provides tree seedlings with the proper rate of nitrogen, phosphorus for good root development. MAP 12-61-00 is recommended for direct use at the beginning of the growing season. When phosphorus availability is crucial for the establishment of the root system. MAP can be tank-mixed with other nutrients, apart from Ca/Mg, to meet nutritional needs throughout the crop cycle. 12-61-00 MAP Mono Ammonium Phosphate water Soluble fertilizer
Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer
A fully water soluble multi nutrient fertilizer , composed of high quality , chloride -free ingredients . Readily absorbed by plants . Specially designed to nourish plants during critical growth stages . An excellent balanced nutrient source for vegetables , fruit trees, field crops , flower, turf & gardening . It enhances vegetative growth . Compatible with all commonly used pesticides and adjuvants . DOSE :- 10 - 20 gm / ltr water & spray until he plant is totally wet . and spray 3 - 4 times weekly or month .
Organic Bio Fertilizer
Bio gold is a Granular Bio-fertilizer contains Humic acid and amino derivative .
Ferti Mix Npk Water Soluble Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer
Acts as a flowering and fruiting booster . Meets the requirements for potash in crops promotes flower bud opening and fruit set in deciduous fruit tree. Increases tolerance to drought in several crops increases the quality. Appearance and shelf life of flower , fruits and vegetables . Increase crop resistance to pests and disease and adverse condition such as drought , food etc . DOSE :-0.5 - 1.0 concentration (5-10 gm / ltr of water to be sprayed on the crop foliage .
NPK- Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer
Potassium Nitrate 100% water soluble fertilizer
Ferti Mix Npk Water Soluble Crystalline Foliar Fertilizer
FERTI MIX MKP is fully water soluble fertilizer in crystalline form , it contains 100 % plant nutrients : phosphorus 52% P*Fully water soluble P-K fertilizer . A low salt index in compaision with other potassic fertlizer. A chloride- free fertilizer without harmful elements to plant. Suitable for the production of nutrient solution low pH. DOSE : 10g /1ltr of water .
Bio Fertilizer
Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) Bio Fertilizer.
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